Commercial Intelligence from Ink Jet Patents:

Mike Willis had been monitoring ink jet patents since the mid-1980s, so it seemed sensible to continue doing so when he founded Pivotal Resources. In 1997 the ink jet patent review service “Directions” was founded to commercialise the research.

The objective was to track technology developments to give an insight into what products and processes might be launched in the future, and to understand the detail of new technology launches.

Each month ink jet patent applications were searched for, classified as either hardware, ink and media, and the most “newsworthy” ones selected for review. The number of subscribers grew quickly, including most of the major ink jet vendors worldwide, plus many start-ups and product developers becoming customers relying on this commercial insight.

Directions reports are published 6 times per year and, as well as reviewing around 20+ patent applications in depth each issue, also contain an index of all ink jet patent applications published plus a round-up of industry news.

In 2020 the publication of Directions has been transferred to Dr Adam Strevens of i4inkjet and who can be contacted at .