Ink Jet Academy

The course that launched hundreds of new ink jet developments:

While waiting together for a delayed flight one evening in the Autumn of 1997, Dr Alan Hudd and Mike Willis wondered if there might be interest in an ink jet course. IMI ran ink jet conferences where you could learn about the latest industry and technology developments. But in the late 1990s there were many ink jet businesses growing, others entering the ink jet market, and established manufacturers looking to use ink jet as part of their products.

So we decided to launch a course to explain the basics of ink jet technology. I said we need a distinctive name and Alan suggested the “Ink Jet Academy“. Despite our wives and Al Keene of IMI thinking the name was hilarious we decided to use it. We estimated we might get 200 attending the 3 courses per year over 4 years. We attracted 70 to the first course held in Orlando, Florida in January 1998, and 20 years later we had had over 3,500 attend from nearly 200 companies.

Courses have been held all over the US, many parts of Europe, India, Japan and Hong Kong. We also ran in-house courses for several companies, some for their entire development teams. The course has continued to evolve to encompass the latest technology and applications.

The Ink Jet Academy course continues, now led by Dr Alan Hudd and his team at Alchemie Technology Ltd., and marketed by partners IMI Inc. and IMI Europe Ltd.